1905 - Suites

Located in the heart of the city, this house was initially built in 1888 during the reign of King Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah. The court of Nepal invited some famous musicians and artists from India to train the resident palace artists as was the prevalent custom of the day. One amongst the artists who came to Nepal and permanently settled was Pandit Nanku Lall Mishra from Benares. He was the first to build this house for his residence in about 1888 AD.


City: Kathmandu

Distance from Airport:5.1 km

Distance from City Center: less 1.0 km

Altitude: 1400 m 


Garden Shed: Continental hygienic food with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options


Restaurant Bar: Serves wine, spirits, cock-tails and fresh beverages. 


Every Room has a private Balcony.

Live Instrumental Music Every Thursday.


Suites: Warm, spacious and welcoming rooms built in 1888 renovated with a modern minimalist rustic touch complimenting the original architecture.