News and updates on Nepal related to the Coronavirus pandemic. #NepalisOpen

Fully Vaccinated travellers do not have to quarantine upon arrival. Vaccination should be done at least 14 days before the travel date.If you are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19, you do not require a negative Covid test report for entering Nepal. But make sure that you must submit a full vaccination certificate (in English) with QR code against the COVID-19. This rule applies to all travelers entering from both air and land routes.

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated travelers can obtain Visa on arrival.


• Vaccination Certificate in English.

• If not vaccinated, 72 Hours PCR negative report (ideally with photo)

• Upon arrival at the airport, all travellers are required to get their boarding pass stamped from the health desk and later show it to immigration officer.

• For travellers paying visa fee by card, USD 1.00 extra will be charged.

Make sure that your Travel Insurance covers all Covid-19 related rescue and treatment.

For children below 5 years, no need for vaccine or Covid-19 test.

For age 5 to 18 years, you must have proof of vaccination; if not, a Covid-19 test is required.

Airlines could check before you board:

• Vaccination Status

• Negative COVID-19 Test report

• Hotel booking confirmation