Hananoi - permaculture Resort

Astam is a small mountain village, 17-km apart from the town of Pokhara. It is also the home of a permaculture resort and farm “Hananoie”. Located on a hillside facing to the Himalaya, “Hananoie” provides 180°panoramic views of 7000-meter class Annapurna range, downhill rivers and villages. Its 5-hector farm lies on the slope of the hill from south to north, providing seasonal and organic vegetables.


Location: Astam

Distance from Pokhara: 17 km / 10.5 miles

Altitude: 1400 m / 4593 ft


The dining room is the best place in Hananoie to gaze the splendid view of Himalaya Range. The dining room welcomes all guests with fresh home-made organic ingredients. Guests can enjoy a cup of herb tea while gazing at sunrise behind the mountains or stare at the dramatic sunset while tasting our original dinner.

There is no menu in Hananoie. We strictly select fresh and seasonal vegetables, home-made honey, dairy products from our organic farm for the guests to enjoy their original tastes. We arranges these ingredients into Nepalese, Western, and Japanese styles.


The salon is a good place to see at the Himalayan range, as well as the dining room. In daytime, you can relax and spend your time as your living room. You can enjoy our fresh herb tea or traditional Nepalese tea “Chiya”. 

The 2-man sized big bath is made from copper plate by Nepalese craftsmen. We warm the water solar boiler and firewood. You can enjoy a rich dip and relief fatigue by herbal hot water while staring at the twilight Himalaya through the window of the bath.


Surrounded by the sacred peaks of Himalaya ranges, Hananoie was designed to harmonize with the nature. Traditional wisdoms, such as clay wall, are applied to all cottages to maintain the temperature inside the cottage to make you comfortable while staying in Hananoie

Hananoie provides 5 cottage-type guestrooms. Each cottage has 2 twin rooms with attached bathroom. We carefully made use of natural materials with traditional wisdoms to every cottage. Slated roof, stone external wall are made in traditional way. Coconut fiber, installed under the roof, acts as a heat insulator. Traditional Internal clay wall, not only moderates humidity and heat inside the room, but also act as a soundproof and air filter. These make the cottage comfort. You may be surprised by deep sleeping while staying here.