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Bicycle for girls

Chitwan meaning Heart of the Jungle, is in the plain Terai region, extended over the Southern foothills of Nepal. One of the first things that one notices upon arriving in Chitwan are the plain roads and mustard fields with locals up and about commuting on foot, in bicycles or in rickshaws.

Like most villages in Nepal where urbanization is a slow process, patriarchy is deep rooted and education to girls is not a priority. The main purpose of our Bicycle for Girls Project is to empower girls to be independent and mobile so they can reach school on time. We sponsor bicycles to girl students living outside the Chitwan National Park so they are able to save about 90 minutes daily commuting to school every day.

While any kind of help is appreciated, the impact of buying bicycles to go to school is tremendous.

100% of your contribution will be used for this project. Any remaining fund from the contribution will be used to buy school materials like stationary, books or school bags.

Last year under this project, in collaboration with Bamboo Travel, UK, where we matched 100% of their contribution, we successfully donated 12 bicycles to 12 girls. We used the remaining fund to buy stationary to little children.

We are always looking at new approaches to partner with, volunteer, sponsor and make a difference that will help these marginalized families. If this is something that interests you or your clients, please feel free to email us at mkt@dharmadmc.com.

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