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Nepal: post quake 2015

Nepal is now regaining momentum since the devastating earthquake on April 25th and the subsequent numerous aftershocks. While we are happy that all our Dharma Adventures' staff members are safe, some members of our team have incurred structural damages to their personal properties. Dharma Adventures has since then provided tents, tarpaulin sheets, corrugated tin sheets, medicines, and water purifiers to our staff, their families and friends.

Dharma Adventures’ social profit organization Dharma Karma Society has been actively involved in providing relief to the earthquake victims. Pawan Tuladhar, President & CEO of Dharma Adventures, who is also a member of the Rotary Club of Kantipur has visited some of the hardest hit areas in the mountains. Food supplies and temporary shelters have been sent to these and more are being mobilized.

Volunteering programs are being developed to rebuild some of the schools and community areas in the various regions that were affected. If you wish to be a part of this effort and want more information on these volunteering opportunities, please let us know.

Our Kathmandu office has been in full operation since the beginning of May. Our offices in Bhutan and Tibet are operational as usual.

After evaluating the current situation of Nepal, the Tourism Recovery Committee (TRC) comprising of tourism associations, Nepal Tourism Board and the Department of Tourism has done numerous field visits in and outside the Kathmandu valley inspecting various affected sites. TRC has confirmed that from June 15th all UNESCO Heritage Sites will be open for tourists.

The tourist season in Nepal starts from September and Nepal will be ready to welcome tourists. As always, we at Dharma Adventures look forward to providing our guests visiting Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet a wonderful and memorable experience. Nepal needs all the support in these hard times and we are counting on you to send your clients to this beautiful country.

Thank you for your support.

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