Taj Tashi

Thimphu boasts a pristine environment, spellbinding scenery and architecture, and warm, hospitable people. Nestled in the heart of this valley lies the magnificent Taj Tashi, the gateway to a magical land brimming with fascinating mythology. It is ideally situated for you to explore the kingdom’s spectacular monasteries, centuries-old street festivals, scenic mountain passes and pristine wilderness. The international airport is situated at Paro, an hour from Thimphu. Staying true to Bhutan’s ancient and alluring ways, Taj Tashi enchantingly blends Dzong architecture and modern design, and is adorned with classical hand-drawn Buddhist murals.


Location: Paro

Distance from Airport: 1 Hour 14 Minutes

Distance from City Center: Located at City Center


Jiva Spa & Fitness Center 

A divine essence of serenity is apparent at the Taj Tashi Bhutan once you step into it. Settled in a valley, surrounded by nature, this place is the perfect destination to attain your understanding of your inner self and gain higher consciousness. The holistic rituals here at the Jiva spa include hot stone bath treatments that introduce you to a world of wellness while unique handmade combination of wooden and marble antiques leave you spellbound with the country’s elegant culture.


The Thongsel

Relish Indian, European and Bhutanese fare while gazing at fountains, tapestries, prayer wheels and lush mountains.

Chig Ja Gye

Discover speciality Bhutanese cuisines in an exclusive setting of gold-leaf paintings and traditional horn instruments.



Sip Suja, Bhutan’s special salted butter tea, amongst murals of double Dorjes in a serene tea-lounge environment.


Deluxe Room Mountain View

Step into the Deluxe Rooms and marvel at the magnificent sight of lush pine-topped mountains. Discover the pleasure of cosy floor warmers and bathtowel heaters in the expansive marble bathroom.

39 Sq mt

Complimentary WiFi

Up to 5 guests


Large & luxurious marble bathrooms


Luxury Room Mountain View

Delightfully adorned with classical hand-painted Buddhist murals, the sprawling Luxury Rooms feature arresting ambrosial valley views. The marble bathrooms serve to pamper with luxurious floor warmers and towel heaters.

48 Sq m

Complimentary WiFi

Up to 5 guests


Exotic murals in the traditional Buddhist style.


Deluxe Suite 1 Bedroom Mountain View

Located on the upper floors, the Deluxe Suites offer sweeping views of the Thimphu Valley. The suite’s spacious Christina bathtub and luxurious canopy bed are perfect for relaxation.

800 Sq ft

Complimentary WiFi

Up to 5 guests


Royal canopy beds for a decadent experience.