About us

Dharma Adventures is a niche Destination Management Company, offering personalized services to clients looking for life changing experiences in Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet. We have been operating in the Himalayas since 1991, growing steadily while ensuring that the qualities of our services remain high and the product, top notch. The principles on which Dharma Adventures was founded - safety, hygiene, environment protection and adaptability, have always been the backbone of the company. Our aim is to provide visitors with every kind of viable adventure that the Himalayas can possibly offer. Agile, knowledgeable and efficient field staffs, top of the line equipment and well -maintained vehicles are our assets.​

We have offices set up in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan to ensure that our clients have a smooth transition when undertaking a multi destination holiday in this region. Our knowledge and experience in the Himalayas make us a reliable and trusty partner. We are positive, forthcoming, flexible and strive for perfection. We look to build programs that will satisfy all travelers and adventure seekers. On a journey with us there will be plenty of all that is good and desirable: magnificent scenery, excellent equipment, knowledgeable guides, ethnic cuisine, sturdy vehicles, maximum safety, clean environs and cheerful disposition. The serene beauty offered by the Himalayas is no doubt one of nature’s greatest creations and can be lived and enjoyed in a short span of time that you will spend with Dharma Adventures.
“We are your gateway to the Himalayas!”

Pawan Tuladhar

Founder & Owner

Kinley Tshering

Co-Founder & CEO

Vishal Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Impact statement

We affirm with the UNWTO's Global Ethics for Tourism and abide by its Sustainable tourism development guidelines and management practices to create a suitable balance to achieve long-term sustainability.

Environment: We understand the importance of preserving the natural environment. We want to minimize the impact of our business operations and offset the negative impact on the environment. We recognize the need to lead through example so we can contribute in maintaining an essential ecological balance.

Socio-Cultural: Dharma Karma Society, formed in 2010, is a part of our CSR initiative to bring positive changes to the local people and the society. Dharma means good deed and Karma means the reciprocation of your deeds. Through Dharma Karma Society we want to empower and inspire as many lives as we can. Through this effort, we want to conserve the living cultural heritage and traditional values.

Human: We believe that change starts from within the organization and it is our constant effort to provide not just stable employment but fair and equal opportunities for all while ensuring peace and harmony.

Economic: We strive to practice smart sustainability so as to be a part of a growing green & sustainable economy.


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