This tomato achar is a local's favorite. It is often served as a momo (dumpling) dip or a side dish in a Nepali thali set. However, this can also be served as a salsa dip.

Ingredients: - Mustard Oil or any cooking oil - Dry Red Chilies - Chopped Onion - Chopped Green Chilies - Turmeric Powder- Chopped Tomatoes - Salt - Red Chili Powder - Cumin Powder - Ginger-Garlic Paste - Coriander Leaves

Preparation: Heat mustard oil or regular cooking oil in a saucepan and put dry chilies. Stir until the chilies turn dark. (Nicely fried dried red chilies bring out the flavor) Add chopped onions and green chilies and fry them until they turn golden brown in color. Add some turmeric powder into it. Now, put the chopped tomatoes and let it cook in medium heat. Add salt, red chili powder, and cumin powder to taste. Add ginger garlic paste and cover it for about 15 minutes. After the water dries, wait till the mix turns into a nice thick consistency. (Add water if you want to dilute it.) Lastly, garnish with fresh coriander leaves. This is served cold.

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